Used Caravans

You will find an extensive range of used caravans on our website. Not all caravans listed are used caravans though. While you can assume that caravans listed by private owners are almost certainly second hand, you can’t make that assumption about listings by dealers. They will list both new and used caravans. 

On our main listings page, we have a filter. This is on the left hand side if you are on a desktop or laptop, and is a pop-out menu if you’re on a phone. In those filters is the option to select whether you want to see results for new or used caravans. This is a helpful way for you to refine your search if you’re wanting to see results from second hand listings only. 

Below are some caravan listings by private sellers. They’re probably mostly (or all!) second hand. Please check out the great collection of caravans from our dealers section also though. Dealers will frequently sell used caravans and list them here on our website.