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Who Are Caravan Sales?

At Caravan Sales we are what we say we are. We are an Australian owned and operated website dedicated to selling caravans (and motorhomes and RVs) for Australian caravanners. We’re a safe place to browse and inquire on all types of caravans available Australia-wide.


At, we believe that the journey is just as important as the destination. Our passion for exploration and the love of the open road have inspired us to create a platform that caters to the needs of caravan enthusiasts across Australia. Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a first-time caravanner, we’re here to make your caravan experience extraordinary.

Caravan Sales News & Reviews

Caravan Smoke Alarms: Vital New Legislation Update

Fires in caravans and motorhomes can be particularly dangerous due to the compact and highly flammable nature of these vehicles. Modern caravans are typically constructed with lightweight materials that can quickly fuel a rapidly spreading fire, leaving occupants with mere…

Queensland ‘cara-fans’ will save a combined $63 million on registrations in 2024-25 budget

Queensland Government announces 20 per cent reduction to all light vehicle registrations that weigh 4.5t or less to assist in cost-of-living pressures Last month, the Miles Government announced a 20 per cent registration reduction to all light vehicles for 12…

Campervanning around Western Australia’s South Coast

Table of Contents Embarking on the Perth – Esperance itinerary If you ever have a week to spare for a holiday, I’d highly recommend doing the Perth-Esperance route and exploring the south coast of Western Australia. If you have your…

New Research Reveals Queensland Campers Are the Happiest Travellers

New Research Reveals Queensland Campers Are the Happiest Travellers ‘Cara-fans’ admit their unplugged lifestyle brings them tow-tal bliss To coincide with Queensland’s longest running caravan Supershow, Caravanning Queensland has released new research which found caravan and camping trips positively impacts…

Discover VanGard – a new range of RV and Caravan protection products

Discover VanGard A new range of RV and Caravan protection products designed and tested by one of the leading vehicle protection providers in the world At the heart of VanGard is a range of exterior and interior protection products designed…