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Family Caravans For Sale

Family caravans open up new ways to explore Australia with your family. Or return to your favourite spot for that perfect summer vacation. That said, each of us will be looking for something different in a family caravan. Some will need triple bunks whereas others will want to sacrifice some space for more off-road capabilities. 

The caravans listed below have all been tagged as family caravans by those who have posted. Scroll through and see if you can find one that suits you and your family. 










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Finding Your Family Caravan

Probably the most important criteria for family caravan searches is the number of people the vehicle sleeps. You can list these caravans according to how many they sleep by using the filter options at the top. Click on Filters then use the Sleep dropdown to select how many people you need to accommodate. Next select your price range and then start browsing. When you find one you like, inquiry directly to the owner by using the form on that listing page. 

When making a decision about family caravan, ask yourself these questions:

  • do I need bunks or triple bunks?
  • do I need a washing machine and if so what size?
  • what sized refrigerator do I need?
  • do I need an ensuite?
  • what sized bed to I need?

As with any caravan, make sure you’ve decided on your budget and you’re aware of your towing capacity. 

If you’ve got active teens then the size of the fridge becomes an important issue. A couple of active teens can eat their way through a standard fridge in no time. You might want to make sure you can accommodate a decent sized fridge therefore.

Beyond those quite functional aspect of choosing a family caravan, you might also want to look at the following: 

Does your family like to rough it?

There are two sides to this question. The first is, what creature comforts do you need in your accommodation? How much space do you all need?

The other aspect is where you’re going. Do you need an off-road or semi-off-road caravan? 

Remember that these two aspects will play off against each other. That is, you’ll probably get a smaller more rugged vehicle, or a larger more comfortable one. If price remains the same then one of those two has to make room. 

How many people are you accommodating?

Base this answer on what is likely to happen rather than what you’d like to happen. For instance, does your young adult child really intend to holiday with you? Or is it the opposite, you have children who will want to bring friends? Do that need accommodating in the caravan or can they sleep in an annex? 

How are you using the caravan?

Are you intending to tour with the caravan? Or are you setting up for a week by the river? How you accommodate your family can differ a lot depending on how you’re travelling. You may want to set up annexes if you’re staying long term but rather not if you’re moving each day. 

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