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Tasmania named one of the ‘52 Best Places to Visit in 2024’ by The New York Times

Tasmania named one of the ‘52 Best Places to Visit in 2024’ by The New York Times

Tasmania is one of the Best Places to Visit in 2024 according to
The New York Times

Tasmania has been included in the prestigious ‘52 Best Places to Visit in 2024’ list published by The New York Times. The much-anticipated list is compiled annually by The New York Times’ travel editors and travel experts and is viewed internationally as a distinguished selection of the most desirable global travel destinations.

This year, Tasmania was recognised in the list for its rich indigenous culture, abundance of nature and elevated dining experiences, profiling several Tasmanian operators. 

Contributor to The New York Times, Nora Walsh, wrote: “Venture outside and help protect vulnerable species in Tasmania, Australia’s southernmost state, with several new guided walks. Tasmanian Walking Company, in partnership with the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, offers a three-day trek across rugged Bruny Island to map flora and collect seeds for the garden’s seed bank.

Cape Bruny Lighthouse at the southern tip of Bruny Island, Tasmania, is the second oldest extant lighthouse tower in Australia, as well as having the longest (158 years) history of being continuously manned.

To get a taste of the island’s Indigenous culture, join members of the local Palawa community on multi day treks through the powder white sands of Wukalina (Mount William National Park) and orange-lichen-covered rocks of Larapuna (Bay of Fires). Or to get an actual taste of the island, forage for ingredients like wattle seeds and pepperberries with guides from Palawa Kipli, a company that is Indigenous-owned and operated — the experience ends with a tasting menu that includes smoked payathanima (wallaby).

Locavore menus are the norm throughout Tasmania, and the chef Analiese Gregory, a wild-cooking expert, will be showcasing ingredients like hand-gathered abalone and sea urchin at her yet-to-be-named restaurant set to open early this year.”

Sarah Clark, CEO, Tourism Tasmania said: “The New York Times Best Places to Visit list is one of the highest accolades for a destination, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be included and have so many unique experiences represented. We know Tassie has been top of mind for Australian travellers for a while, and it’s great to see that now, it will be on the bucket lists of international travellers as well.”

“The island has stunning natural beauty, world-class and easily accessible wilderness, an outstanding culinary and gastronomy scene, a tight-knit community of innovators and creatives, as well as a rich and deep cultural heritage. It really has it all for those who are looking to venture off the beaten path of Australia, and on top of that, Tasmanian hospitality is second to none. All in all, Tassie is an excellent travel destination and we’re very happy it’s getting the recognition it deserves.” 

Tasmania featured in the list alongside Queensland’s capital city Brisbane, and other diverse global destinations set to inspire travellers around the world, such as Grenada in The Caribbean, the Albanian Alps and Geneva in Switzerland. The list acts as an essential, trusted source for travel inspiration, sharing the top destinations for travellers to consider for their travel plans for the following year. 

New York Times'

Best Places to Visit 2024

About the List

According to the The New York Times, each year, a callout is put to The New York Times Travel Editors, Writers and Freelancers from around the world, inviting them to pitch their favourite destination in 150 words or less. The list that is compiled is then carefully reviewed under a lens of strict criteria that assesses the destination against the annual theme, as well as the uniqueness of the destination, whether it has new cultural developments or timely natural phenomena that makes it a must-visit place in 2024. 

Tourism Tasmania

There’s a little island off an island at the world’s edge, desired as one of the most unordinary places on Earth. It’s a land where ‘paddock-to-plate’ means fresh truffles foraged that morning; where Tasmanian devils, wombats, echidnas and platypuses roam free; and where trailblazing cheesemakers, art collectors and whisky distillers prosper.

Tasmania’s geographic isolation has shaped its unique biodiversity – globally significant and dazzling in its beauty – and fostered a rare community of creative, down-to-earth people with time to make you feel welcome.

Everything’s close by in Tasmania. Cruise into the enchanting south-west wilderness by day, then sip cool-climate pinot in the vibrant capital by night. Weave in and out of edgy galleries and festivals, the same day delving into complex Tasmanian Aboriginal history and convict heritage.

Embrace abundant opportunities for wellness: homegrown and homemade produce markets, sustainable luxury retreats, just-caught seafood and hikes deep into the pristine rainforest. Seek out adventure – test yourself on wild mountain bike trails, tee off on golf courses perched over rugged coastlines, cast for wild brown trout in glacial tarns, and raft along scenic rivers. With four distinct seasons, there’s always something new to see, feel and taste.

Take a deep breath of the world’s freshest air. A journey to Tasmania is a chance to unplug, recharge and reconnect with the things that matter.

To access latest industry news, resources for industry and media releases, visit Tourism Tasmania’s corporate website,

For travel information, visit Tourism Tasmania’s consumer websites

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