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When you’re travelling, do you stop at roadside stalls? You know the ones, they are the little stalls where farmers and gardeners sell produce directly to the public. They’re randomly placed all over Australia. Usually, unless you know where they are, they can be a bit hard to find. And that’s where The Roadside Stalls comes into it.

little stall on mabel
"Little Stall On Mabel", a roadside stall near Adelaide

A Directory Of Roadside Stalls

I personally find it quite delightful to stop at roadside stalls. You never know what you’re going to find. You’re getting produce direct from the farmer and sometimes the stalls themselves are lovely. Usually, the produce is cheaper and fresher than you would get in the shop. For all those reasons and more I love to stop at roadside stalls. 

The problem is, knowing where to find them. They’re usually not on main roads. Travelling around side-roads is very hit and miss. By the time you see one, you’re already past it. And you don’t just chuck a U-turn on a whim when you’re pulling a caravan. 

That’s why a directory of stalls is so great. The Roadside Stalls have been putting together such a directory. It’s still in its infancy but it has listings in almost all states at the moment. 

You can search the directory or navigate around it via a map. Addresses are included on all listings and many have Instagram links so you can follow the stalls also. 

Speaking of Instagram, The Roadside Stalls Instagram is worth following: 

While some stores and rudimentary and functional, others are a beauty to behold. Some owners go to a lot of effort to make their stall as lovely as possible.

Those are a few examples of roadside stall from around Australia that are featured on their website. 

Honesty Boxes And Payments

Just about all of these stalls use an honesty box for payments. It’s good to know that theft and cheating are rare. One lady said of her stall that she had been running it on a main road for 12 months without a single theft. It’s great to know that these days people are as honest as ever and good people are the norm. 

If you do intend to stop at a roadside stall, make sure you’ve got some notes and coins with you. Those that take payments other than cash are an exception. For the bulk, you’ll need to pay in cash. 

Stop At Some Roadside Stall On Your Next Journey

If you do decide to stop at roadside stalls, you’ll find some of the freshest produce you’ve every enjoyed. You’ll also have the joy of knowing it came directly from the property you’ve stopped at. You might even stop and chat with the owner. Many stalls are run by children or pensioners for a bit of pocketmoney. If you’re lucky enough to run into them, as we frequently have been, then you can enjoy a bit of a chat. Journeys aren’t so much about getting to your destination as they are these little chance encounters along the way. Slow down a bit and enjoy the road by stopping at some roadside stalls. 

For more information and to see their map of roadside stalls, follow the link below:

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