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Owning a motorhome is like having a home on wheels, giving you the freedom to explore new places while bringing the comforts of home along for the ride. Imagine waking up to breathtaking views, enjoying a cup of coffee in the great outdoors, and then hitting the road to discover new adventures. With a motorhome, you’re not just traveling – you’re living. It’s about spontaneity, flexibility, and making memories that last a lifetime. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or an extended road trip, the joys of motorhome ownership offer a unique and unforgettable way to experience the world.










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Why People Love Motorhomes

Motorhomes come with a variety of features that enhance the overall experience of travel and living on the road. They typically include a sleeping area, kitchen facilities, a bathroom, and a living space, providing the comforts of home while on the go. The sleeping area may consist of a cozy bed or convertible sleeping arrangements, ensuring a comfortable rest after a day of exploration.

The kitchen facilities often include a stove, refrigerator, and storage space, allowing you to prepare your own meals and enjoy home-cooked food while traveling. This not only saves money but also adds a personal touch to your dining experience.

Having a bathroom in the motorhome means you have the convenience of your own private facilities wherever you go, eliminating the need to search for public restrooms. This adds a level of comfort and convenience to your travels.

The living space in a motorhome is designed for relaxation and entertainment, with seating areas and sometimes even a TV or entertainment system. It’s a cozy space for unwinding after a day of adventures or for spending quality time with loved ones.

Additionally, modern motorhomes often come equipped with technological features such as solar panels, GPS navigation systems, and connectivity options, adding convenience and sustainability to the travel experience.

These features contribute to the appeal of motorhome ownership, offering a comfortable and convenient way to travel and explore the world.


Some Of The Best Known Brands In Motorhomes

Some of the best-known motorhome brands in Australia include:

Suncamper Motorhomes

Their range includes everthting from compact 4×4 motorhomes to their large Sovereign P Series. They feature aluminium frames and composite constructed fibreglass walls, making them tough enough to Aussie conditions.


Windsor make a range of RVs that include caravans and motorhomes like the Daintree. They’re made in SE Qld by Apollo on a Fiat Ducato chassis.  Features include luxurious amenities such as a fully equipped kitchen, full-sized ensuite, electric drop-down bed, and additional storage space. Additionally, the Windsor Simpson and Windsor Otway add to the lineup, providing diverse options for travelers. These motorhomes are backed by a 5-3-3 warranty, offering peace of mind and demonstrating Windsor’s commitment to quality and customer care. With a focus on high-quality construction, innovation, and warranty support, Windsor motorhomes redefine the travel experience for adventurers across Australia

Explorer Motorhomes

Specialists in 4×4 motorhomes, they say, “Unlock the freedom to roam with our range of premium 4×4 motorhomes. Each one of our vehicles is a custom motorhome, made to order, crafted with precision and adhering to the very highest of standards.”

Avida Motorhomes

The Avida motorhomes, particularly the Avida Leura, are renowned for their compact yet feature-packed design, making them ideal for travel enthusiasts. With a length of 6.7 meters, the Avida Leura offers a range of standard inclusions such as a roof-mounted air conditioner, a highly insulated construction, and a control panel for energy management. Its interior features include a residential soft-close drawers, a fridge/freezer, a microwave, a smart TV, and USB charging stations. The motorhome also boasts safety features such as ABS, driver and passenger airbags, and an electronic stability program. The Avida Leura provides a comfortable living area with ample lounge space and a removable table for dining, making it an excellent choice for couples seeking an entry-level motorhome with space-saving and entertaining features.


Sunliner Motorhomes offers a wide range of motorhome models designed for various travel preferences. The Sunliner Chase, based on the Ford Ranger, is a fully self-contained motorhome designed for solo adventurers, featuring a kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping facilities. On the other hand, the Sunliner Switch, an entry-level motorhome, provides luxury camping with its exterior amenities, off-grid capabilities, and interior comforts. Sunliner’s innovative approach to motorhome design and use of different base vehicles, including the LDV Deliver 9, make their motorhomes a popular and affordable choice for both seasoned travelers and newcomers to the motorhome lifestyle in Australia.


Winnebago is a well-known motorhome brand that offers a range of models designed for comfortable and convenient travel experiences. The Winnebago Cottesloe, for instance, features a drop-down bed, spacious kitchen, and bathroom, providing a cozy and functional living space. With a focus on innovative design and quality craftsmanship, Winnebago motorhomes cater to various travel needs and preferences. Whether you’re a solo traveler or part of a larger group, Winnebago offers options to suit your lifestyle. The brand’s commitment to providing well-appointed motorhomes with thoughtful features enhances the travel experience, making Winnebago a popular choice for adventurers seeking both comfort and functionality on the road.

Jayco Motorhomes

Jayco, founded in 1968, is a leading RV manufacturer with a rich history of innovation and family-friendly designs. The company offers a wide range of portable recreational products, including camping trailers, travel trailers, fifth wheels, and motorhomes. Known for low maintenance designs and a substantial list of standard features, Jayco has established itself as a provider of quality craftsmanship and innovative technology. With a commitment to lasting value and a focus on family fun, Jayco’s products are designed to enhance the camping experience, making them a popular choice for adventurers.

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