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Newlywed Nomads: kicking off married life with an epic road trip!

James and Georgia Bulmer aged 25 and 27 years old respectively got married at the end of March 2023. They have chosen to take their honeymoon travelling Australia with their two children Isabella, 3 and Ocean, 9 months old.

James has been working underground building tunnels throughout Sydney on night shift for the last four years and Georgia has managed her own event-based business for the last two years, working weekends and evenings.

They have always loved adventuring and travelling together even before they started their family. Even more so since they have had children.

“We realised life is too short and we didn’t want to continue working night shifts, weekends and missing out on time with our family and missing our children’s milestones.

“Travelling full-time has always been a dream of ours and we decided our honeymoon was the perfect excuse,” said Georgia.

James and Georgia do not currently have an end date to their honeymoon and family adventure. They are currently making their way up to Cape York following the beautiful Queensland coastline and stopping in Yeppoon, Townsville, Cairns and Port Douglas on the way.

Their plans are to then head across to the Northern Territory, experience Western Australia and the head on to South Australia.

When asked Georgia said they had no immediate plans to make money whilst on their honeymoon adventure.

“We are extremely grateful that we had the opportunity to work hard to save for this honeymoon and family adventure.

“James has always talked about working on farms in areas where we stay, so that might happen further down the track,” added Georgia.

This is the first big adventure the Bulmer’s have planned with their young children, previously taking weekend trips close to home.

They purchased a 22ft Ocean Breeze caravan in preparation for their extended honeymoon adventure and they intend to stay at a mix of off-grid locations and parks.

“Parks are a great place where the kids can play, we can have longer than 15 second showers and catch up on the laundry,” laughed Georgia.

Their advice to other people considering an extended Newlywed Nomad adventure or even a short trip is to go for it and don’t let anything get in the way.

“The good days always outweigh the bad. Seeing your kids glowing with a smile from ear to ear, makes it absolutely worth it.

“We couldn’t think of anything better to do for our honeymoon than to spend it every day with our beautiful family, not a worry in the world and the only decision to make is which place to explore next.

“Because we worked so incredibly hard, it came with challenges, for days and nights and sometimes weeks we had no time for conversations which made us miss out on opportunities of bonding and building our relationship.

“We believe this extended honeymoon will make our relationship stronger, give us the opportunity to experience adversity together and overcome challenges. We will also be able to discover more about ourselves that will enable us to shape our relationship and our family.

“Anyone considering a honeymoon adventure should just go and explore your own backyard. This country is breathtaking, it has so much to offer and so any hidden gems,” concludes Georgia.

Keep up with James and Georgia’s family adventures by following their socials linked below!


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