Galaxy Caravans

Experience adventure that goes beyond tradition on your every journey 

Galaxy Caravans have been manufacturing high quality leisure and adventure vehicles for over 15 years. Since its establishment, it has continued to help in building fun experiences, great memories and amazing journeys. Whether your goal is to just go from one point to another, explore every state or challenge the toughest Australian landscape, The Galaxy team has made sure there’s one caravan that would meet your adventure needs.



Luxury, comfort, style and purpose all perfectly wired into one caravan. The Rover comes in 10 different layouts allowing you to create a home-of-your-own every time you’re up for another exceptional journey. The Rover offers a fusion of modern living and long-established quality for added comfort and guaranteed functionality – taking you from one great dream adventure after the other.



The Defender exudes modernity. It is absolutely jampacked with your caravanning needs – a stylish caravan that definitely does not compromise comfort and functionality. This caravan promises to give you the lifestyle that you’ve always wanted whether you’re in an exclusive park or off to the far-ends of Australia. Luxury finish, modern vibe and unparalleled quality. This is the caravan that can make you feel and experience THE DIFFERENCE.



The off-road caravan that redefines “extreme” and “robust”. For caravanners who are in dire need of the ultimate off-road experience, the Nemesis can take you to a new level of ruggedness and maximum tolerance. True to its name, this caravan leaves its competitors behind with a big advantage as it has been designed to challenge the most hostile of environments while keeping you comfortable and taken care of all throughout your journey. A uniquely styled and sophisticated off-roader to quench your thirst for extreme adventures

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