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Discover VanGard – a new range of RV and Caravan protection products

Discover VanGard – a new range of RV and Caravan protection products banner advert

Discover VanGard

A new range of RV and Caravan protection products designed and tested by one of the leading vehicle protection providers in the world

VanGard - Protect - Care - Secure

At the heart of VanGard is a range of exterior and interior protection products designed specifically for caravans, RV’s and camper trailers.

VanGard was born out of 20 years of R&D and product development for the automotive industry and a passion for camping, caravanning and the great outdoors.

Developed by one of the worlds largest manufacturers and suppliers and used by over 22 major car brands in 42 countries around the globe, you can be sure their range of products work – having been rigorously tested in both lab and real life environments by VanGard and their automotive partners.

VanGard are so confident in their products they will guarantee their performance.

A Solution for Everyone

When developing VanGard Protection, they wanted to do it differently. These products are a must for every caravan on the road, so they set out to develop a solution for everyone.

Whether you’re on a budget, love the DIY approach, or want to sit back and leave it to the professionals, VanGard have got you covered.


Extend The Life Of Your Van

Your RV is constantly under attack from UV damage, weathering, stains, corrosion and more, but by choosing VanGard they’ve got you covered, so you can focus on what matters most: hitting the open road and making unforgettable memories.

Formulated and tested to withstand the harshest environments, you can rest assured that VanGard is up to the challenge of protecting your caravan through every adventure, ensuring peace of mind and confidence in your investment.

Premium Products Designed to Protect:

VanGard is your one stop shop to extend the life of your new or pre-owned van, safeguard its resale value, and ensure your investment remains in lot ready condition year after year.

Make Cleaning and Maintenance a Breeze

Cleaning and maintenance are a breeze with VanGard’s range of products and accessories.

Their top-notch range of cleaning and maintenance products includes every wash, foam, snow, gloss, spray, sealant, sponge, cloth and brush you can dream of.

You can say goodbye to grime and hello to long-term durability, all without wasting the time and effort sourcing products from here to whoop whoop.

Exclusive VanGard x CaravanSales Discount

Just to make it even more convenient we have pre-picked two special packs for customers, our Sellers and Buyers Packs.

Buyers Pack:

Designed to prep and protect your rig ready for sale

Sellers Pack:

Designed to get you up and running, ready to safeguard your van for many adventures to come!

20% OFF

VanGard Sellers and Buyers Packs

You can save 20% (up to $263 off!) by using the code CS20 on either of these packs at checkout.
VanGard - Go Further - Create Memories - We've Got You Covered

Go further. Create more memories. We’ve got you covered.

Ready to give your caravan or RV the ultimate protection it deserves? Explore the full range of VanGard protection products today and safeguard your adventures for years to come. Don’t wait – ensure your vehicle is always road-ready and looking its best.

👉 Shop Now and experience the VanGard difference!

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