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Carlight Caravans And Trailers

Carlight Caravans And Trailers

Do you own a Fiat Punto and yet you want to pull a caravan? Me neither. But if we did I know a caravan that would fit the bill. Carlight sell a range of caravans and camper trailers that are “towable by virtually any car on the road”.

They have two ranges, the Euro Caravans, which are small caravans with all the features you might expect in a normal caravan, like a kitchenette or ensuite.

Then there are the Jolly Caravans, which come in a range that spans teardrops and camper trailers. You’re not popping up canvas sides though. These are fully enclosed with XPS moulded sidings.

Euro Caravans

Euro Hobby

Euro Caravans are, if you haven’t guessed it, made in Europe. They’ve been making these for over 50 years and they come in 9ft and 10ft sizes. They have a pop-up skylight and with it lowered you can park these caravans in any standard garage. As mentioned, you can also tow them with almost any car on the market. With a weight of just 600kg you’ve got a fully functional caravan that will appeal to any minimalist or weekender out there.

We’re told that much of the market for these consists of our more mature generations. When you’ve got rid of the kids (sorry, when the kids have moved on with their own lives) you don’t need a big caravan. You might not want all the hassles of moving and parking the bigger beasts. Or you might not justify a budget for the bigger caravan. At a starting price of just over $31,000 the Euro Glider is priced at a point where occasional use can be justified.

Jolly Caravans

Appealing to the younger traveler is the Jolly range of caravans. The Mini 270 has had quite a bit of interest on our website. We can see why. It’s a lightweight caravan that can carry a huge 570kg payload. That means you can pack your motorbike in there, or a couple of mountain bikes, and head away for a weekend of fun.

The versatile Jolly 270 gives you a space where you can live and entertain during the day. The living area would hold four adults comfortably. At night the table converts to a double bed.

If you want to go even more minimalist the Jolly teardrop camper is for you. The starting price is $23,500 and with a ATM of 750kg you won’t need to upgrade your present towing vehicle. Like most teardrops, it has a space for two people inside and not a lot else. The rear boot can accommodate a kitchen for an extra $5,000.

Jolly caravans mini freestyle interior

If You Want A Euro Or Jolly Caravan Before Christmas

Most of the caravans sold by Carlight are basically custom orders. The client orders with them, Carlight get the caravan prepared for the new owner, and delivered when it is ready. The lead time has been between 3 to 6 months. The team from Carlight is confident that if you ordered with him now, he’d have it for you before Christmas.  

They don’t hold a lot of stock. When you’re in the business of supplying mostly custom caravans, holding a lot of stock isn’t something you do. They do have a few to show you though if you want to check out these vehicles and get an idea of what yours may look like.

To find out where you can see them, try their events pages: 

For more information on the Euro and Jolly caravans, go to their website. They have full specs and lots more photos than we’ve shown here. You can also see their listings  on our website. 

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