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Welcome to caravans by numbers. Caravans are a great way to see a country on a scale that Australia has. Our disparate  towns and cities invite exploration by vehicle. And a caravan so you can stop where you need to stay. 

Caravans Most Popular in Queensland

Caravanning and camping is popular in Australia and it seems even more popular in Queensland. Queensland has the highest number of registered caravans in the country with 171,197 registered caravan in 2018. 

Family Caravans

29% of the Australian caravanning market is made up of families. With pop tops being affordable and roomy this means that families can enjoy our great outdoors. Family caravans come in many shapes and sizes, from pop-tops to full caravans. Pop-tops are a great alternative for families on a budget. Whereas a full caravan will provide comforts not available to the pop-top owner.

Our International Visitors Like Caravans Too

International visitors also enjoy our caravan and camping culture. In 2018 370,000 visitors to Australia chose to integrate caravan/camping into their trip here. They spent a total of 4.8 million nights around the country in one of Australia’s 300+ caravan parks. Of all the International tourists Germans spent the most nights caravanning and camping (1 million nights) .

A Thriving Industry

The caravan industry in Australia is thriving, while car manufacturers close down across the country there 90 caravan manufacturers producing around 21,800 caravans, camper trailers and motorhomes each year, 11,000 of these are produced by Australia’s biggest manufacturer Jayco.

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