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Caravan Bedding: The Ultimate Guide to Comfort and Luxury

Caravan Bedding: The Ultimate Guide to Comfort and Luxury banner advert

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Caravanning is a popular way of exploring the great outdoors and enjoying a comfortable stay away from home. One of the essential aspects of a caravan holiday is the quality of sleep you get. Therefore, it’s crucial to have the right caravan bedding that ensures not only a comfortable night’s sleep but also adds a touch of luxury to your home away from home. In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about caravan bedding, from types and materials to brands and customer reviews, so you can wake up to feeling great.

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Types of Caravan Bedding


Doonas are an essential component of a comfortable caravan bedding setup. They provide warmth and comfort during your caravan adventures. Available in different materials and thicknesses, duvets cater to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you prefer a lightweight quilt for the summer months or a heavier one for those chilly nights, there is a doona suitable for every caravan enthusiast.

A doona and a duvet are the same thing. Here in Australia we adopted the brand name Doona as the name for all of these feathery quilts. As far as I can tell, that brand was brought into being by Kimptons in Victoria and now no longer exists. We call these quilts doonas (with a little D) whereas the rest of the world calls them duvets or quilts. (Source.)

Fitted Sheets

fitted caravan bed sheets

Fitted sheets are a popular choice for caravan bedding, as they provide a snug fit around the mattress, ensuring your bed stays neat and tidy. They are available in various materials, including easy-care cotton blends and luxurious Egyptian cotton. Fitted sheets are designed to cater to different caravan bed shapes and sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific caravan model.

Toppers and Mattress Protectors

Caravan mattress toppers and protectors offer an additional layer of comfort and protection for your bed. Toppers enhance the comfort of your mattress, while mattress protectors safeguard your mattress from spills, stains, and wear. These products are designed to fit various caravan bed sizes and shapes, ensuring a perfect match for your specific caravan model. See our previous article on Dreamer RV caravan mattress toppers.

Doona Covers and Pillowcase Sets

Doona covers and pillowcase sets are essential for a cozy and comfortable sleeping experience. They come in various materials, such as cotton blends and Egyptian cotton, to suit your preferences. These sets are designed to fit various caravan bed styles and sizes, ensuring that your bed looks as smart as your caravan.

Family-Owned Caravan Linen Brands

Caravan Bed Linen

Caravan Bed Linen is a family business that started in 1983. With over 35 years of experience in the luxury linens industry, they offer a wide range of caravan bedding products, including fitted sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, duvets, toppers, and mattress protectors. Their products are manufactured in England, and they cater to different caravan manufacturers and bed styles.

Glaamp Bedding

Glaamp Bedding is a brand that focuses on making caravan bunk beds easier to manage, particularly for families with children. They offer an innovative all-in-one bedding system that zips together, making it simple for kids to make their beds and keep their bunks tidy. Glaamp Bedding’s products are designed to fit various bunk sizes and are available in a range of colors and designs.
Another Australian company that makes fitted caravan bedding, Wild & Wandering have a range of products for the wanders among us.


A new brand trying to bring greater levels of luxury and comfort to caravan bedding, MeanderWild are a great option. The two ladies running this company aim to separate themselves from their competition by offering high end sheets fitted for caravan beds.

Wild & Wandering

Wild and Wandering caravan sheets
Another Australian company that makes fitted caravan bedding, Wild & Wandering have a range of products for the wanders among us.

Drifted Off

Drifted Off are based in Brisbane. They supply caravan, motorhome and camping linen and will also do custom linen orders.

How to Choose Quality Caravan Bedding

When selecting caravan bedding, it’s essential to consider the quality of the materials used. Look for products that advertise a specific thread count, rather than those that claim to “feel like” a certain number of threads. Higher thread counts typically indicate better quality, but also consider factors such as fabric type, weave, and finish.

Caravan Mattress Toppers

Caravan mattress toppers are a popular addition to caravan bedding setups. They provide an extra layer of comfort and support, ensuring a restful night’s sleep. Caravan mattress toppers are available in various materials and thicknesses, catering to different preferences and needs. Some popular options include memory foam, latex, and down alternative toppers.

You can read our previous article about Dreamer RV caravan mattress toppers

wanderluxe memory foam mattress topper by dreamer rv

Made-to-Measure Sheets and Mattress Protectors

For those with unique caravan bed sizes and shapes, made-to-measure sheets and mattress protectors are a perfect solution. Specialty-sized sheets can be ordered online, allowing you to get the perfect fit for your caravan bed. Made-to-measure sheets and protectors ensure that your bed looks neat and tidy, while also providing a comfortable sleeping experience

Try Drifted Off for custom made sheets or MeandWild Sheets.

Bedding for Caravan Bunks

Caravan bunk beds can be challenging to make and maintain, especially for children. Brands like Glaamp Bedding offer all-in-one bedding systems that zip together, making it easy for kids to make their beds and keep their bunks tidy. These bedding systems are designed to fit various bunk sizes and come in a range of colors and designs.

Caravan Bedding Colors and Designs

Caravan bedding is available in a wide range of colors and designs, allowing you to personalize your caravan interiors. From vibrant shades like poppy and rainbow to more subtle hues like mink and sage, there’s a color to suit every taste. Additionally, various designs and patterns, such as seashells and floral prints, can add a touch of style to your caravan bedding.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

When choosing caravan bedding, it’s essential to consider what other customers have to say about the products. Look for reviews that highlight the quality, fit, and comfort of the bedding, as well as any potential issues. Customer testimonials can provide valuable insight into the performance and durability of caravan bedding products.

Dreamer RV Reviews

MeanderWild Reviews

Wild And Wandering Reviews

Free Shipping and Returns

Many caravan bedding brands offer free shipping on their products, making it easier for customers to get the bedding they need for their caravans. Additionally, some brands provide hassle-free returns, ensuring that you can exchange or return products if they don’t meet your expectations.

Getting The Best Out Of Your Caravan Bedding

Caravan bedding is an essential aspect of a comfortable and enjoyable caravan holiday. By considering factors such as materials, quality, fit, and customer reviews, you can find the perfect bedding setup for your home away from home. With a wide range of products and brands available, there’s a caravan bedding solution to suit every preference and budget.

So, whether you’re a seasoned caravanner or new to the world of caravanning, investing in quality caravan bedding will undoubtedly enhance your overall experience and ensure a restful night’s sleep during your adventures. Happy caravanning!

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