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All Around Oz – Ocean to Outback Adventures

All Around Oz – Ocean to Outback Adventures

With covid mostly behind us along with the supply woes of the last few years, many of us are heading out again in new caravans. This is true of Kev and Annette from All Around Oz. They’re caravanners with longtime experience but were on a 12 month waiting list for their new caravan. That turned into 19 months.

Meanwhile, their new car burst into flames. It’s hard to do much travelling without a car or caravan so they’ve booked a holiday to Bali instead. They’ll be back on the road soon.

All Around Oz is a fantastic resource for anyone into caravans and camping. This website of theirs is maintained with hundreds of articles and links to other resources. About 40,000 people visit it each month so it must have something going for it.

Caravan Destinations

All Around Oz caravan destinations

The destinations section is divided up into destinations from each state. You can search through for places you want to visit to get information and images about it. There’s a lot of inspiration to be found here too. There are always places you don’t know about in this wide brown land of ours. You’d hate to slip pasty the Undara lava tubes or Fitzroy Falls in New England while you were in the area. They’re all well documented, with maps of the route, descriptions and photos.  

Travel Tips And Reviews

There is plenty to read in the way of travel tips and reviews. From cooking to gear reviews, it’s all in there. Annette tends to do her research on what readers want to know so most of the information is relevant and informative.  

The cooking section is great. We all know that we can run out of inspiration sometimes. And with the restrictions imposed by being on the road, it sometimes takes a bit more effort to whip up something delicious. The All Around Oz cooking section is aimed at people who are cooking on the road. It has recipes you can do with one pot, on a Weber, or with a simple list of ingredients. If you wondering what to cook, give it a go and see what you find.  

Affiliate Marketing

The All Around Oz website is maintained by Annette and provided to you for free. Annette makes some coin out of it through affiliate marketing. The way affiliate marketing works is, Annette links to products and services she wants to recommend, and when you purchase from them, she earns a percentage. Annette only recommends products and people she wants to be associated with. (Her Facebook group, Planning a Lap of Australia – Hints and Tips, has well over 100,000 users. This means she gets plenty of offers from all sorts of people. The fact that she has accepted only a few of them shows how judiciously she chooses. For example, Dreamer RV who we already featured in a previous article. ) You can show support for All Around Oz by purchasing from one of her affiliates. Have a look at the list on her website under Shop Camp & Van Gear and use those links to go to the websites listed there. If you purchase something you need you’ll be supporting All Around Oz to keep this website available for us to enjoy. It’s a simple way to show support and get something you need for your next journey. 

Travel Around Australia

With the new caravan (and car) Kev and Annette will be back on the road again soon. They’re planning a journey of about 3 years but so far have no fixed ideas of where they’re going. Which is probably the best way to travel.  

Check out their website and follow them on Facebook for more from their travels.  

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