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18th National Caravan Clubs Rally

18th National Caravan Clubs Rally

This year the 18th National Caravan Rally was due to be held at Barmera. Due to COVID it has been postponed to 2023.

Below is the letter sent to us from the event organisers. 


18th National Caravan Clubs Rally.

Every 3 years the States are invited by the National Association of Caravan Clubs (NACC) to host a National Rally.

In 2022 it was South Australia’s turn to host this event and as a result the Association of Caravan Clubs of South Australia (ACCSA) was granted permission to do so.

We formed a Sub-Committee back in March 2017 to commence planning this event which of course started with finding a location which could site up to 500 caravans in one place for a period of 10 days and provide water, electricity, shelter & security. Well, we were lucky to find such a place, it was in the heart of the beautiful Riverland about five kilometres from Barmera at the Riverland Events Centre where the Field Days are normally held each year.

The Rally was to commence on the 28th of March and complete on the 6th of April 2022 but when the Covid restrictions were eased last November we were faced with an escalation of Covid cases in South Australia and elsewhere and as a result we were receiving many cancellations.

Our committee had no choice but to postpone the Rally and so the new date will be 27th of March to the 5th of April 2023.

The location of the rally will be the same and our sponsors, supporters and entertainers have all been advised and I am pleased to say will remain on board.

There is now an opportunity for caravanners to register or re-register for the National Rally. Attendance is open to any caravan club which is an Incorporated body and their members, or any person aligned to a club as a potential new member or guest.

Why not join a Caravan Club? The major advantages are that you regularly use your van monthly, and you make new friends and enjoy the social activities organised by the club. Members have similar interests and can provide advice with their wide range of knowledge about all aspects of caravanning and when planning a major holiday around Australia. Members generally receive discounts from the Caravan Parks when attending a Club Rally.

ACCSA has 12 active Caravan Clubs, and their details are located on our website at

Or you can contact me, John Baans [email protected] phone 0414 273 142.

Yours sincerely,
John Baans.
(ACCSA Secretary.)

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