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Protect Your Caravan With A Shade Sail

Protect Your Caravan With A Shade Sail

You may consider shade sails the ultimate design enhancement for your home, outdoor area or swimming pool.

Have you considered the tailor-made qualities of shade sails make them ideal for protecting your car or caravan?

Larger carports and sheds are available, they are often expensive, and they may not have the breathability qualities of a custom shade sail.

Do you need council approval for a shade sail?

“Generally, all shade sails need building approval.”

“The exception is small, low shade sails less than 2.4 metres high (2.1 metres mean height), 10 square metres, 5.0 metres long and not located in any setback areas.”

The same dimensions apply to a patio.

Tailor-made to protect your caravan

This example shows the flexibility of shade sails as a carport option. The extended side allows extra protection from hail, rain and debris in case of a severe storm. Quickly developing storms are a feature  of weather patterns during the summer months in many areas of Australia.Note that the shade sail is not supported directly by the fence. There are poles specifically designed to take the weight and wind-force in an emergency situation. Expertly installed.All fixings are positioned using 316 grade stainless steel fittings.

Maintenance of your shade sail carport

Even a simple timber patio requires extensive repair and painting. “Without a finish, all timber will swell or crack and will discolour.”

The metal posts in a properly constructed shade sail will require maintenance. Powder-coated poles which secure the shade sails are virtually maintenance free according to advise from painter Blair Friend.

These posts are hot dipped galvanised steel & powder coated to your choice of colour using the Dulux colour range. The choice of colour and quality of shade cloth is also a consideration. There are even waterproof options.

Manufacturing processes have improved. Modern cars, caravans and products properly designed and prepared for the elements will last far longer than similar products manufactured as recently as a few years ago.

A hardware store may not stock the same quality as a custom shade sail installer will.

Shade sails are quick to install and easy to uninstall if your caravan style choice changes or your lifestyle changes.

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