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Wade and Dani met in 2013 and embarked on their first trip together in 2014 to Dani’s home country Brazil. This trip caused the travel bug to burn bright in them both.

Wade and Dani could not settle with just taking a month off a year to travel and never wanted to reach the end of their lives and look back with regret at not travelling further and experiencing what the world has to offer while they were still young and full of energy.

This was when they started to notice photos of travellers who had chosen the #vanlife and decided it was time to see if they could join the increasing trend of people hitting the road full time to experience all that Australia has to offer.

Never having owned a recreational vehicle before and having limited knowledge, they decided to first take a trip to New Zealand and rent a Toyota Hiace 3 Berth HiTop to travel the North Island.

“The one thing we knew we wanted was to be able to stand up inside the RV, having sufficient head room was crucial to our comfort and movement inside the vehicle,” Wade says.

“We knew that spending long periods of time in a cramped space could quickly become tiring and make our travels less enjoyable.”

On their second trip Wade and Dani hired a Toyota Hiace 2 Berth HiTop to travel around Cairns. It was after this second trip that they then made the decision to purchase a Mercedes Sprinter Long Wheel Base to travel around Australia for a year.

“After renting different campervans it assisted us in knowing that we wanted to prirotise a reliable and efficient kitchenette set up that included a microwave, sink and fridge to allow us to prepare dishes on the road and the freedom to eat on our won schedule.”

“The big interior of the Mercedes Sprinter allowed us to have a fixed bed, a full bathroom with shower and toilet, a big kitchen bench and plenty of storage.”

“Renting two different campervans before making our own purchase allowed us to experience the #vanlife lifestyle first hand.”

“It also helped us to understand what our needs and preferences were so that we could embark on a 12 month journey around Australia in a vehicle that aligned with our lifestyle and travelling requirements.”

“Renting is such a great option to ensure you don’t make a costly mistake. Buying an RV is a big investment and you don’t want to end up purchasing the wrong one and live with regrets.”

When asked what additional advice he would give other people considering renting before purchasing James reports renting enables you to trial and compare different models and brands.

“Campervans come in all different shapes and sizes, each with their own unique features and amenities. By renting different models you can assess the pros and cons to determine which one fits best with your needs for you #vanlife adventure.”

Since purchasing their Mercedes Sprinter Wade and Dani have travelled from Sydney to Cooktown, across to Mount Isa, crossed the border into the Northern Territory, and continued south to Port Augusta. They are now exploring Western Australia before heading back to Sydney.

Their final tips to anyone considering the #vanlife adventure is to take the time to explore different models, experience the lifestyle, understand the responsibilities that come with ownership of an RV.

“Renting will provide insights that can guide you towards making a well-informed decision when you decide to invest in your own campervan,” Wade concludes.

For those interested in learning about RV rentals you can visit Apollo at the 2023 Let’s Go Queensland Caravan and Camping Supershow at the Brisbane Showgrounds from June 6 to 11, for more details visit Caravanning Queensland.

Wade and Dani

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