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Save heaps on a demo model Galaxy Nemesis 190C

Are you looking for a caravan that was built from the ground up to be an off-road caravan? And you want to save heaps? Take a look at this Galaxy Nemesis 190C. It’s an ex-demo, which means it’s in wonderful condition. It also means you’re going to save $8,600 over the price of a new one.


Galaxy Nemesis 190C
Save $8,600 on this demo model Galaxy Nemesis 190C


Great Reviews For The Galaxy Nemesis

When RV Daily reviewed the Galaxy Nemesis they described it as a strong and reliable mate. It was solid on the road, experiencing no swaying or lurching. As the author points out, this comes down to having a quality chassis and suspension set-up.

  • G&S Chassis
  • Control Rider system
  • 6 inch A frame
  • 12″ off-road brakes

When you’re towing a bigger van, and especially when you’re heading off-road, you don’t want to compromise on the quality of the ride. The Galaxy Nemesis is not hiding anything below the van that it isn’t proud of. Even the simple things, like grease ports, are taken care of.

The Choice Caravans article notes much the same things. They say:

When the going gets tough, The Nemesis holds its confidence high.

Tough But Comfortable: The Galaxy Nemesis

What fun would it be, going to some of the most rugged and remote places, if you couldn’t do it in the ultimate of comfort? Check it out:

It’s akin to swapping from swillin’ on a VB can to popping a champagne bottle.

That’s what RV Daily says about stepping inside the Galaxy Nemesis. We love that description. You get beer and champagne in one van. So fitting because now you get champagne on a beer budget, as the saying goes. With this demo model Nemesis reduced by $8,600.

  • Ibis air con
  • Full oven stove
  • Waeco fridge
  • Camec front loader washing machine
  • Full ensuite
  • Cafe-style dinette
  • Queen island bed


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