Gold Coast Caravan Sales is proud to present the best value for money caravans around. Our new Overland series of caravans is designed and built elusively for Gold Coast Caravan Sales. We’ve been able to specify and control quality and costs to the point where we’re happy we’re delivering a great caravan at a great price.

Overland Caravans are built to our specifications and carry a host of great features. They’re a full-sized caravan witha queen sized bed, en suite, washing machine and many other great features.

Overland Caravans Feature List

Below is a quick glimpse at at the feature list for Overland Caravans. For more details check our listing for Overland.

  • Queen bed
  • En suite
  • washing machine
  • air conditioning
  • stove
  • fridge
  • designed and built exclusively for Gold Coast Caravan Sales

Prices include:

  • all hoses and leads
  • 12 months Queensland rego

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