Listing Prices & Options Explained

Here at Caravan Sales we like to keep things simple. Our listing structure is pretty simple but needs a little explaining. There are some options you’ll want to know about. 

1. Choose Your Listing Level

standard listing at caravan Sales

Standard Listings

With a Standard Listing you get to list all the details of your vehicle, post as many images as you want, and the listing stays there until you sell.

You cannot add a video to your listing.

Standard Listings are shown below Featured Listings in our listing results.

We have a wonderful dashboard that shows how many people viewed your listing. Everyone gets access to that on Standard and Featured Listings. 

featured caravan listings

Featured Listings

You get everything from the Standard Listings plus you can post a video of your vehicle.

Featured listing appear above standard listings. Listing are shown in date order with Featured listings first and Standard listings second. An older Featured listings will always appear above a newer Standar listings. The only listings shown above the Featured Listings will be listings using a 7-day Boost. 

Featured listings are posted to our 12,000+ followers on Facebook.

2. Choose A Boost:


Want to get more views for your listing? Get a Boost. The Boost will last 7 days and will push your listing above all Standard and Featured Listings. The only listings that can appear higher and the Super Boost. See below…