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Kingston Bell pixie Caravan with Sky Deck 18’6











Listed: February 22, 2024
A Van for a Lifestyle!

Read this only if you enjoy a drink, a snack and to watch the world go by!

When we retired, Joan and I promised ourselves we would do all the things we dreamt about, particularly going caravanning. In addition, the decision about a van was something we didn’t rush. You see many caravanners friends told us the biggest mistake they made was buying a van in a hurry… one that looked great, seemed to have everything and they could get quickly.

So we thought about it carefully and decided that the two most important things in a van for us were, firstly, how we would feel when we did those initial big, demanding trips on our dream list, like across the Nullarbor. Then, secondly, what we would need after a few years when we just wanted to escape on small, not far trips, to relax away from the demands of our still demanding grand parenting lives.

That’s when our research found us the Kingston Bell Pixie Caravan with Sky Deck, 18 and a half footer designed and finished to our exacting requirements ideal for a couple looking to enjoy a drink, a snack and to watch the world go by! That is in a van that has everything a couple want to have safe travel and every possible comfort on the way.

Now, of course, we wanted to ensure that our van would have all the safety, technical, and engineering requirements built into it, but that’s not our field so we left that to the experts. The full manufacturing and service history are available from those experts.

If you have any interest in this immaculate van and have the money to allow us to recoup a fair bit of our investment (around $70K) then the best idea is to give me, Lance, a call on 0447 129 080 and arrange to come and inspect it at our place, in Glen Waverley, Victoria.

I can always send you some photos to help you get an idea of it but, really, seeing is believing! Oh and, by the way, we’ll even offer you a drink and snack on the Sky Deck veranda… the envy of every other caravanning couple we’ve met! Just watch the world go by!

For Full manufacturing and service history with Melbourne Caravan Repairs contact Brett Bell on PH: (03) 9548-0154.


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Glen Waverley, Victoria, Australia
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