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How to sell your caravan online

How to sell your caravan online
Selling your caravan online can be a daunting task and many people don’t know where to start. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. With a few simple tips, you will be able to sell your caravan in no time at all. Let’s take a look at the top selling points, how you can list your caravan, and what you need to know before listing your caravan for sale.

What makes a caravan sell?


Photos are number one when it comes to selling online. Good clear photos that show your caravan in the best possible way are of paramount importance.

For external photos, wait for the golden hour to take your shots, if possible.  For indoor shots, full daylight will work best. Make sure that all shots are clear, free from blur and properly framed. If part of your caravan is cropped out of your external shot for instance, retake the shot.

When you post the photos online, make sure they are of decent size. While it is possible to post images too large, the more common problem is people posting images too small. You have no doubt viewed a listing where you click on the image thumbnail and it doesn’t get any bigger. Don’t let that happen to you. People need to see an image that is big and clear.

Avoid these mistakes:


How much do you want for your caravan? About a million dollars, I’ll bet. How much does the buyer
want to pay? About a dollar. Somewhere the two have to meet.

What I can tell you is that a well-priced caravan will get a lot more enquiries than a caravan that is
overpriced. The more enquiries you get, the more opportunities you have to sell your caravan for a
healthy price. Starting too high can, therefore, inhibit your chances of getting a good return for your caravan. 

In some markets, a low price is in indication of low quality. This doesn’t necessarily hold true when
selling online. A well-priced caravan will always get a lot of enquiries. People don’t make enquiries
because they think a caravan is sub-par. They want value and they’re hoping that the caravan they’re
enquiring about is of high-quality.

Do some research and find out what comparable caravans are selling for. Make sure your caravan is
priced within the expectations set by others. And remember that without enquiries you can’t sell
your caravan.

Know your selling points

Before listing your caravan, you should think about what makes it unique, special and appealing to a potential buyer. When listing your caravan, you will want to include some of these selling points so that your caravan is more appealing to buyers. Remember to keep your listing simple so that it’s easy to read and understand. Include specifications, features and price details so that potential buyers know exactly what they’re getting. By including these points, you will be able to attract more interested buyers and help get your caravan sold much faster.
This caravan has some obvious unique selling points. You may have to think a little harder about what you tell your audience about your caravan.

Explain it clearly

Use some punctuation and sentence structure in your listing. You don’t have to try and win a prize
for your prose but avoid throwing a jumble of words on the page and calling it done. Listings with clear descriptions always get more enquiries.

You have plenty of space to describe your caravan, so use it. Use paragraphs and dot points. Give
each dot point a new line.

The best way to find out how your listing reads is to read it back to yourself out loud. Read it how it is on the page, not how you want it to be in your head, and listen to how it sounds when you read it out. If it sounds odd in any way, change it. 

Set expectations with your listing

It’s important to set expectations with potential buyers before they view your caravan. If you waituntil someone views your caravan to tell them the awning is broken or the tyres are bald, you couldlose an opportunity to sell your caravan because of expectations not aligning with the product.Where possible, get your caravan into a condition that allows expectations and reality to meet. Fixthe awning and replace the bald tyres. The price of repairing or replacing these items will becompensated for in the selling price. Importantly, you’ll sell it faster and will watch a happycustomer drive away with your caravan.

Offer transparency and honesty

This is especially important when selling online. When you are advertising your caravan online, you
are essentially the face of your business. When doing business with people you should always treat
others how you would expect to be treated. Be honest about the caravan, forthright with any
questions posed to you and patient and courteous with any naive questions.

It’s unfortunate that online scams are a concern for people. If you’re not responsive to the buyer’s needs, are curt or dismissive, these can be seen as red flags. Vigilant shoppers might see such behaviour as a risk and look to other listings to make their purchase. Being transparent, honest and open with people will help them realise you’re a genuine seller.

Okay, so now go sell your caravan online

It’s very easy to list your caravan with us. Proceed to the Sell Online page and select either a standard or featured listing. (Featured listings appear higher in search results.) On the next page you will enter the details of your caravan (not forgetting to add some great photos and an accurate description) and then wait for the enquiries to start.

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