Galaxy Nemesis Reviewed In RV Daily

How important is good suspension on an off-road caravan? Paramount. That’s the first point made in Mark Allen’s review of the Galaxy Nemesis in RV Daily.  He says the G&S chassis mated to the Control Rider system is top-notch.  Combining the suspension with sensible structure designs, 12-inch electric drum brakes, supergal chassis and Dexter sway control means “this chassis/suspension/brake combo is top-notch and would perform well following any tow vehicle.”

Mark’s extensive review of the Galaxy Nemesis includes details of the external and internal features of the caravan. He notes that the butch exterior is contrasted by the beautiful interior, describing the Nemesis as an “opulent home on wheels.”

We agree with Mark. We love the Nemesis. As a tough off-roader caravan with all the trims and mods it’s hard to go past. The good thing is you don’t have to take our word for it. You can head over to Mark’s article and read it yourself. His impressions of this great caravan are sure to impress. And don’t forget, if you like what you see in his article and want to come see one in the flesh, we’re open Monday to Friday all day and up till 330pm on  Saturday. We’d be happy to take you through he Galaxy Nemesis and show you some of its great features in person.

Who’s That Handsome Fella Then?

Check out the video in Mark’s article for our own Paul Dawes. Made for the big screen, Paul’s debut will probably get him noticed in Hollywood. When he’s accepting his Oscar you can say, “I knew him when he sold caravans.”

Read It Yourself

For Mark Allen’s article in RV Daily click the link below.

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