The Striker is definitely not for the faint of heart. It was created and designed to get past extreme conditions effortlessly. A stunner inside and out, this caravan can give you an off-road experience just the way you pictured it out… ULTIMATE. The Striker is fully-equipped with just everything you need to make the most out of your trip.

This is Galaxy Caravan’s revolutionary take on off-roading, which makes other off-roaders just another off-roader.


The ultimate off-road experience starts when you see The Striker. All kinds of conditions and terrains considered, this caravan is housed using Stucco aluminium to stand the test time, weather and everything in between. Only the best parts for the caravan that can get through it all: Tunnel Boot, checker plate wheel spats, Euro double glazed windows, moulded stepwell and front and rear alu panels.


Powered by the leading equipment, appliances and tools, The Striker offers a royalty treatment to its owners. With Belair H3200 Air Con, Revolution Lithium 2 x 160 amp 320 amp capacity packs, three 150-watt solar system, Waeco RPD 218 compressor, Swift 23-litre microwave and full oven, Innerspring mattress, vinyl flooring and Dexter sway control – you are sure to live and enjoy the ultimate, luxurious and comfortable lifestyle wherever you are.


The only way to unleash a caravan’s off-road power is to use the most robust of materials. The Striker is the new king of the road with a 6-inch A-frame, G&S HC chassis, 6” raiser, Control rider twin shock suspension, 16×265 MT tyres and 12″ off-road brakes to give you a performance like you’ve never had before every time you take it out. Easy to handle but definitely hard to beat.






* Please note, Some Features are not applicable with particular layouts.

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