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Giveaway: Win A Caravan Comfort Pack!

Giveaway: Win A Caravan Comfort Pack!
Caravan Sales are hosting a giveway in conjunction with DreamerRV and MeanderWild in articles on this website. One lucky winner will have the most comfortable caravan around when they get a…

We have already covered the Dreamer RV mattress topper and the MeanderWild bedding. Read those articles for more information about these great products. To enter, use the form below:

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If you’ve enjoyed the amazing comfort of a memory foam mattress topper at home then you know how good they are. Many people try to adapt them to caravan beds but they never fit correctly. Enter, DreamerRV. They make a memory foam mattress toppers to fit caravan beds.

wanderluxe memory foam mattress topper by dreamer rv

DreamerRV are also providing a caravan mattress protector. This waterproof protector is shaped for caravan beds and will protect it from the thrills and spills of caravan life.


If having bedding in your caravan that rivals the luxury and soft touch of home linen is your goal then MeanderWild have you covered. Their roaming caravan sheet set is 100% cotton and made to fit caravan beds.

Top it off with an Into The Wild Quilt Cover and you’ve got a glam caravan bed.

At, we understand the profound allure of caravanning – the freedom, the exploration, and the unforgettable moments captured along...