Buy Parts and Accessories Online

Something we’ve had planned for a while is to offer our parts and accessories for sale online. We get people who buy caravans from us or have visited us who purchase things over the phone. Obviously it’s easier to list those things on the website and make them available to everyone. Which is what we’ve now done.

Buying Online

It’s not that tricky to buy online. You’ll find our shop works the same as other online shops. The difference with our shop is the freight calculations. Caravan parts and accessories can come in any shape and size, from very small to quite large. And caravanners tend to travel all over the place, to the furthest corners of our country. So we needed system that would accommodate sending large items halfway across the continent as well as sending small items to the next town over.


If you buy a small item the web store will calculate postage for you. This is how other online stores work. You’ll see the freight costs and can buy with your credit card at our secure checkout.


If you’re buying large items then we’ll need to quote you freight. What happens there is you proceed to the checkout, enter your details and place your order. We calculate the freight and add it to the purchase, then send you the invoice. That invoice gets emailed to you and have a link to complete the purchase. That link takes you back to the checkout. You’ll see the checkout includes freight charges and has space for you to complete the transaction using your credit card.

Our Catalogue

We’ll continue to add things to our parts catalogue. As we list new items, they’ll show up on the front page. We’ll list them through our Facebook feed also. You can visit our shop by going to



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