Bailey Caravan Marathon Test

Bailey Caravans Australia have proven their caravans are tough enough for Australian conditions by taking them through a marathon torture test on the AL-KO test track in Germany. Read on for the full story of this caravan trial.


Testing was undertaken to assess the suitability of the vehicle for Australian road conditions which are perceived to be tougher than those in Europe. Bailey Alu-Tech caravans and motorhomes prototypes have already been subjected to a comprehensive product validation programme including a series of accelerated life tests at the internationally renowned Millbrook Proving Ground. However it was felt that additional testing over and above that carried out on UK products would be required in order to satisfy the demands of the Australian market.

The test vehicle was a Unicorn Cabrera built to Australian specification featuring an AL-KO chassis, axle and running gear and the Bailey Alu-Tech bodyshell. In terms of construction the only significant difference is that that the caravan it is covered with a GRP outer skin, as featured on our Orion caravan and Approach SE motorhome ranges, rather than the aluminium skin currently used on domestic Unicorn models.



All Bailey caravans and motorhomes ranges now are built using the state of the art Alu-Tech body shell construction system. The result of the most comprehensive product design programme ever undertaken Alu-tech leisure vehicles are more robust, more durable and yet lighter than those manufactured using conventional methods to provide a completely new level of product performance.

This claim was put to the test at the AL-KO test track in Markbronn Germany – a circuit renowned for its severity and is known in the industry as the ‘caravan graveyard’. The track itself is one kilometre in length and the features a number of different road surfaces to thoroughly test vehicle endurance.



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